Kitty Gets Up Close and Personal When Owner Plays His Favorite Song

Few things in life are as adorable as a cat sending some love to his human. What’s more adorable is those humans going the extra mile and doing some thing extra special just to please (and serve) their feline companions. We can’t get enough of those stories.

One of those humans is Sarper Duman, an Istanbul-based musician whose piano playing skills crosses over with his cat whisperer duties. Duman discovered that his piano playing serves like a lullaby to his tabby cat. Once he starts playing with his cat on his lap, the cat drifts off to sleep. Either that, or he gets so enamored of his human, he’ll start a cuddle fest with him. There’s only one word for this heartwarming scene: ADORABLE.

Maybe this will be the start of a trend of cat owners trying to play music or learning to play instruments to get their cats to sleep. We never know. One thing is for sure. This cat video is one of the most unforgettable, most adorable cat videos of all time.

To see more videos of Sarper Duman playing lullabies to his cat, check out his Instagram.

You’ve got to see this cat in love with his human playing the piano to believe it:

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