Cat Burglar Steals Underwear…Literally!

Hold on to your skivvies, boys. You might have nothing left. There’s a cat burglar on the loose and she has a taste for men’s underwear.

You might have heard of house cats presenting their owners with “gifts” of dead birds or mice. There’s no need to be offended, because that’s one way cats show their affection to their devoted humans. However, there’s one cat that has taken this gift-giving on a whole new level—by bringing her owner gifts of men’s underpants.

Brigit, a 6-year-old Tonkinese cat, brings her owner, Sarah Nathan of Hamilton, New Zealand, gifts of stolen boxer briefs and socks. Every night without fail, Brigit prowls the streets of Hamilton city, hunting for the best boxers or socks to bring back home to her mommy. In New Zealand, keeping cats indoors isn’t common. It is common though, for people to hang their laundry on racks outdoors. It’s the perfect opportunity for Brigit to score a hit. In an interview on CBC’s As it Happens, Nathan told Carol Off that Brigit is simply “showing her love by bringing me underpants.”

When you see Brigit, you can’t fault the kitty for her kleptomania. The beautiful cat looks so harmless and innocent. But behind that façade of cuteness lies a particular fetish for patterned boxers. As of writing, the cat burglar has brought home about 30 pairs of men’s underwear, and 100 socks.

Fortunately, Nathan takes it all in stride saying, “You can’t not notice it when a pair of stripy men’s underpants arrives in your hallway when you’re living in an all-girl house.” She has reached out to potential owners of the pilfered menswear via flyers distributed around the neighborhood, and Facebook posts. She has also tried putting notes in local mailboxes.

Nathan is moving to the country soon and hopes it will finally curb Brigit’s penchant for stealing men’s underwear. She says Brigit was into sports gear last year. Maybe she’ll also move on to something new by then, like overalls? Or maybe aprons? Let’s hope Nathan keeps us posted.

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