Campus Duck Walk Turns Into Exciting Annual Tradition

Once a year, students, teachers, and staff of Prairie Mountain School in Eugene, Oregon gather together for a special event. And no, it’s not Foundation Day. They watch in awe as a family of ducks are escorted through the halls of the school, outside, and into the nearby wetland where the mother duck can raise her ducklings in peace.

The ducks are escorted by a teacher who guides them gently through the campus grounds and on their way to the wetlands, making sure no duckling strays, gets left behind, or worse…duck-napped! Every kindergarten class gets a front row viewing of this unique event and the little kids encourage the ducks on their way to freedom with excited cheers of “Let’s go ducks”!

How did this tradition start? It seems as if the school made an imprint on the mother duck. She goes back to the same spot every year to lay her eggs–in the school’s courtyard. However, the courtyard is boxed in by the school building with no way out except through the halls and out the front door. Hence, a guide is needed to lead the duck family safely outside.

The kids are so lucky to have this unique experience. Not many schools play host to a mother duck and her babies, and ensure their safety as they make their way to the outside world.

You’ll go awww like these kids when you see this:

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